Friday, 16 March 2012

The Astronaut

 Recently, I love to call my self, my sisters, and my cousins with a nick "The Astronaut" *well, maybe I could make a boygirlband with this name LOL* Why oh why?

Astronaut maybe isn't the mainstream thingy. Firstly I got to know this because of my boyfie profile picture on facebook. Hellyeah, he made profile picture of Yuri Gagarin. And he said that he'd like to make an astronaut thingy. Cool? Like a pool~

Then, why do I in love with this word? Because I think, the astronaut is being prepared to fly away to the moon. Same as me. I am being prepared by studying and practicing many thins to fly away to my "moon". Actually, every person has their own "moon". Mine is my dream. Yeah, going abroad. Japan. AMEN.

Oh hey dreamers, you can call yourself as the astronaut too because we're on the way to our own moon :)
Happy preparing! :D

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