Wednesday, 23 November 2011


yes! I'm absolutely and officially AIESECer Surabayeaaah!

Too many stories to be told, because it was totally hectic yet fun-tastic! I met many adorable, kind, friendly friends across the universities in Surabaya. We're now a family, living diversity in one platform and doing social projects to give the positive impact to the society.

LCC is Local Committee Conference. Yap, you can call this as a starter to be an AIESECer, because in this conference I learned and knew more about AIESEC, include the members.

Beside about the organization it self, we also had a party! YEAH! Stand Up Comedy Party with nerdy style as the dress code. And I think, my favorite stand up was from Lashan, one of Exchange Participant from Sri Lanka. During the conference we had several roll dances and roll calls that always make me smiling, laughing, and dancing together, and fyi, I've got addicted :p
In the last day, we had outbound that make our bong tighten, yes, family.


Free Hugs and Sugar Cubes in the very end of the closing plenary. Oh guys, you're too sweet to be known :')

girls newie of AIESEC Surabaya

during the session
roll dance!
outbound, day 3
after closing plenary

left-right: nana, me, nita, lala, diar.

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