Saturday, 8 October 2011

I (do really) Want You!

It's been a long time since I never published my latest work of typography. Actually, I wasn't make this as secret project, but umm yeaah, I couldn't make any bcs of some technically problems. I lost my beloved adobe photoshop and get the new version of it. And guess what? I think, I'm not compatible with the latest version -___- so I decided to remove it and tried to make one with another picture editor. I have GIMP and Photoscape. I tried to make it with GIMP, and hellyeah, it's as same as before, I wasn't compatible -___- *i know, i'm a very geek person, aren't I?*. Ah, I forget that I have paint too :p. After I failed with this open source picture editor, I tried to make one with Photoscape. This is it! I can make it! I took the pictures randomly from the web, so any of you can find the same picture as it is :p. Dear my fans *uups* just wish me could do the best to produce high quality artworks :)

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