Saturday, 9 July 2011

the 18th in 19th

wups! sorry for not telling you about my 18th birthday. Actually, it was on June 19th (it takes so long too write down as a post, right ;p)

I've decided not to celebrate it. ah ya, i didn't celebrate the previous one :p

So, my boy came to my house on June 18th, at night. He had promised to treat me a japan curry rice. no, not because of my birthday, it's because he had chosen as one of BEM's member :D

before we went to that emm small resto, i told him to drop me by at a bookstore. I bought 2 pencils and he bought some magazines. i didn't take a look at his purchase.

And ... we arrived in that small resto named Moshi-Moshi which in Japanese means "hello". I ordered my favorite one, that curry rice and he ordered a teppanyaki. ah, we also ordered one plate of kanimaki (sushi crab) :9

while we're waiting for the food, suddenly he said, "Happy birthday. Am I the first?" and he gave me a novel. a novel which i want very much ><
"aaah thanks, yes, you always be the first. last year, you said it 2 days before and now 4 hours before."
"because i want to be the first for you" :'''> wasn't that sweet enough?

the day after, June 19th, I was attending an EJU (Examination of Japan University), so I couldn't spend that day with my fam. I arrived home at 7 p.m, took a bath, ate dinne, and took a rest in my room. when i tried to tidy up my bed, i saw something under my blanket.

It's a present! yes! a present for me?

I opened that present slowly, hoped that gift wouldn't broke. I took a look, there's a orange box, I opened that box and found a wallet ! it's from my sisters :*

Yap, even i didn't celebrate it with my fam, but they always catch me surprisingly :D

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