Wednesday, 1 June 2011


have just got home from Surabaya Town Square. As we’ve planned some weeks ago, me and my friend, Nadia, wanted to meet each other as the test was over. And tonight, we had a wonderful night, even it just 2 hours.
I wore my blue shirt, black trousers, and my nike sneakers to keep my teenage style. And Nadia wore brown pashmina as her hijab, brown emm shirt maybe. She looked gorgeous! :D Yap, we chatted about boys, of course. Ah ya and there were my boy, my another friend, and her friend. How interesting it was! :D
As I walked out to the parking lot, I met dizka-neechan with her bestfriends :D. Yeah, she is sweet with her personal style, wore blue stripe tee with trousers and keep her make up style simple. Love it, sist! :D
Last, I do really want to meet her :| as a friend of course. I just want to say hello with her and yaaah she would be with her friends, right? I just saw her from far away and couldn’t call her name. Maybe, next time, when we can have that time :-)

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