Sunday, 30 January 2011


my another role model is...
Annisa Eka Marini P. or you can call her as Nesya ! :D
*but sometimes, i just called her "nesy"*

she's beautiful, isn't she?

first meeting was a trip to Bandung 4 years ago. I still in Junior High, so was her. my super best friend, dani, introduced us each other.

2 years ago, trip to Jakarta made a plan :)
i met her, and yah i thought she's kinda an arrogant person, but i was totally wrong!
she's so so so friendly and nice ! :)

september, she text me, invited me to come to her 17th birthday party. okay, from that text I concluded that she assumed me as her friend :D *idk why i was so happy--a*

time goes too fast. i forgot the reason why we're so close. like a best friend.

we ever arranged to meet up. after SNMPTN, at GM.
I ever got jealous with her bcs err... she's my boyfriend's ex.
ya! I felt like I am nothing comparing with her, but from our sweet chat at *click here to read* , I was wrong (again).

I am adoring her for her low-profile and down-to-earth.
she's smart, and a good moeslem :)
she's beautiful of course and she's so so so patience to face the problems around her.

she's strong, in girls word i mean, she can keep smiling while someone try to get her down.

i hope, i can be like her. no no, i still love being myself, i mean, trying to be as strong, as smart, as patience, and as kind as her :)

ps: i miss her anyway

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