Friday, 31 December 2010

They Are Adorable

"I am adoring @a_jsmn @bilabiloo @lilnesya so much :)"
that was I posted on my bbm
generally, I adore them, even though I don't know them so well
they are sooo down to earth
they are smart and they are beautiful
they also have attitudes, know to behave.
sometimes I compare myself with them and I find nothing, I mean, I am nothing.
but, every time I ask my boy, he always says "every woman has her ways to look gorgeous."
I adore them for their kindness, their point of view to look problems.
They are wise, in other words let me say, they are mature enough.
I hope, I wonder, or maybe I wish, I can be like them. Being a better person. Decreasing my anger and become more mature :)
More than just adoring, they are my role models :)

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