Thursday, 29 July 2010

As Sweet As Loving and Being Loved

1.who is your full name?
hestia istiviani

2.your nickname?
hz, boy, hesti

3.what are you feeling now?

I need holiday eh there something happen today?
yes, there is.

6.what is your boyfriend/girlfriend's name?
ivo you love him/her so much?
yes, i do many exes do you have?
one. you still love one of them?

10.have you ever feel "broken heart feeling"?
yes, i HAVE

which one do you prefer:

11.bestfriend or boyfriend/girlfriend?
they are my everything

12.mother or father?
i love them both or sister?

14.frozen yoghurt or ice cream?
ice cream or blue?
blue or white?

17.bali or hawai?

18.forget or forgive?

19.hurting or being hurted?
no one

20.loving or being loved?
loving and being loved

give a reason for number 14 or 20:
ice cream is sweet. as sweet as loving and being loved :)

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