Tuesday, 22 June 2010

Sweet Chat in The Afternoon

it was a nice chat with one of my old friend, but she's also my boyf's ex. she is nesy *i called her like that :p*
i don't mind it

the chat was happened at J.Co GM
she had her iced chocolate, and me had my iced capucinno
the conversation just flowed
she told me about her exes, friends. her love life for these following days and months
i responded as a good friend of her

from that sweet conversation, i realized, that I should not be jealous with her anymore
although she is my boyf's ex, but she considers him as a friend
yeaaah, i should not be jealous anymore

she said that she's happy when I know that i have a relationship with him
*thank darling :)*
she never expected that me and my boyf ever get troubles, because she thought, we're fine

I ever got jealous with her because she is beautiful and smart
comparing with my self, I'm nothing than she is

but, after the chat, I realized that we're different. i'm not her.
I know he loves me, and she never try to get him back


*we've taken some picts, but all of them are on her phone hehe*

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