Saturday, 19 June 2010

June 19th 2010

June 19th, 2010
today is my 17th birthday
thanks God for still allowing me to livin' in Your world and I hope You'll still allow me for many years later
thanks to my big family who always support and give me the best that I ever get
thanks to my super super best friends, Dani & Zm
thanks to my friends. my classmates. my schoolmates when I was in elementary, junior high, and senior high.
and also my int-med friends *i really miss you guys*
last but not least, thanks to my boyfriend for allowing his time loses just for me. *i wonder you're here*
I'm not asking for any gift
I'm not asking for any surprise
I'm asking for wishes
all the best wishes from all of you guys :)
being 17 is not a big deal for me.
but it's a stepping stone to be more mature than before
I just let today flow as usual, like the other days do.
but, I wish:
I can be wiser than before, I can be wiser to make decisions, I can be wiser to manage my emotion, esp. emotion of anger
I can be smarter and more diligent to study.
I can get what I dream, yes, I want scholarship. oh God, please let me.
I can be more nice and kind to the others, care to them, and not stab them at the back
I can be better. better in my life, school, personality, friendship, relationship between me and family. and oh ! better in relationship with my boyfriend :)
my parents, my whole family can be proud of me because of my success
oh God, I hope You hear what I wish, what I wonder
please let me get them all, because I want to be better person in Your & other's view.
amin :)

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